27 Aug 2009

Hello! Welcome to the festival's official blog - we start with this year's news:

2009: 2 - 4 October
20th edition

guests: Peter Milligan, Nick Abadzis, Zbigniew Kasprzak - Kas, Grażyna Fołtyn-Kasprzak - Graza, Grzegorz Rosiński, André-Paul Duchateau, Marvano, Mythic, Igor Baranko, Aleksandar Zograf, Ivan Brun, Ramon Perez and many more...

exhibitions: Will Eisner, Zbigniew Kasprzak - Kas and Grażyna Fołtyn-Kasprzak - Graza, Marvano, Greek comics, 20 years of 'Contur', Bogusław Polch, Jerzy Wróblewski, City Stories Łódź - Lucca, Comix'sage and more

places: Łódzki Dom Kultury, Hala Expo, Central Museum of Textiles, Łódź Art Center, Textilimpex, Wytwórnia, Manufaktura, Piotrkowska street, Affogato

other events: children's day on Friday, party at Wytwórnia - concerts: BiFF, Cool Kids of Death, Żelazna Brama, DJ No. 107; comics fair, competition for a short comics story - award ceremony, Manga Corner, computer games section - Cyber Arena, Comics Miss pageant...

details available on http://www.komiksfestiwal.com/ and here - very soon :)

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